• Networking with the Singapore Embassy

  • Relocation the Hanyang University ERICA Global Innovation Cluster Center

  • Changed company name to Hanyang University ERICA Global Innovation Cluster Center


  • Networking with 9 Global companies at IEVE Jeju 2020

  • Gyeongnam Aerospace Cluster Online Investor Relations Presentation

  • Networking with the Turkey Embassy

  • Hosted Korea-Thailand Online Business Meeting(e-Mobility)

  • Held a Technical Exchange and Joint R&D Presentation(e-Mobility)

  • Networking with the Norway Embassy

  • Held a seminar on how to Cooperate Plan of the Automobile Industry by countries in the Post COVID-19 Era

  • Meetings for National Innovation Cluster of Aerospace material/parts

  • Changed company name to Hanyang University Global Innovation Cluster Center


  • Networking with GVI, New Zealand

  • Networking with Jackson Industries, New Zealand

  • Networking with EECA, New Zealand

  • Networking with Charge Smart, New Zealand

  • Networking with Fonzarelli Bikes, Australia

  • Networking with Electric Vehicle Council, Australia 

  • Networking with Institute Clément Ader, France

  • Networking with Madrid Cluster, Spain

  • Held a Technical Exchange and Joint R&D Presentation(e-Mobility)

  • Held a Conference of Invest Promotion for Korea Aerospace Valley

  • Networking with ABVE, Brazil

  • Networking with San Jude University, Brazil 

  • Networking with University of Florida MIST Center, USA

  • Networking with Blink, USA

  • Networking with 11 China companies at IEEV China 2019

  • Networking with the Gyeongbuk Auto Materials Parts Europe Export Matchmaking  

  • Networking with the Daegu International Future Auto Expo

  • Networking with the Yeonggwang e- Mobility Expo

  • Networking with TACHO, Vietnam

  • Networking with the Korea-US AutoTech Connect 2019

  • Held a Global R&D Network Talkfest E-mobility Industry Embassy Meeting

  • Meetings for global cooperative R&D with 4 companies and 3 institutions in CES 2019

  • Expanding and Relocation the Hanyang University Global R&D Center


  • Networking with the Unmanned Ship Research Center at University of Florida

  • Networking with the University of Melbourne, Australia – Sensor Technology in Sports Convergence Industry
  • Signing MOU : Winston Chung Global Energy Center(WCGEC), University of California, Riverside

  • Workshop for Business Planning of the Electrical Vehicle Tuning Ecology Invigoration

  • National Assembly Seminar : Fostering Smart Parts Industry in the 4th Industrial Revolution (Kyeong-soo KIM), “Global Joint Research Strategy for Smart Technology Asia Hub”

  • Expansion the organization of Hanyang University Global R&D Center


  • Networking with Research Centers at California Institute of Technology, USA

  • National Assembly Seminar : Discussion on Job creation for Regional Youth in Science & Technology : The 4th Industrial Revolution! (Ho-young AN), “The Role of the 4th Industrial Revolution for Youth Job creation and Network construction of Global Demand”

  • Workshop for Applying TRA of National R&D Programs related to the 4th Industrial Revolution

  • Signing MOU : NCSR(Nationla Center for Sensor Research), Dublin City University

  • Networking with Einthoven, Netherland, Dublin-NCSR,Ireland

  • Networking with Fraunhofer, Germany and Grenoble, France

  • Networking with CENSIS, Scotland and Ireland

  • Project cooperation with KISTEP of KRISS – Strategy for international cooperation

  • Networking with Bio-nano Lab, IIT(Indian Institute of Technology), India

  • Networking with International Relation for Science Technology, Thai

  • Networking with CES at Las Vegas, USA

  • Networking with KISTEP (Korea Institute of Science & Technology Evaluation and Planning)


  • Seminar for Strategy of National R&D Project

  • Networking with Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

  • Networking with KICET(Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology)

  • Networking with KIMS(Korea Institute of Materials Science)

  • Networking with  LH(Korea Land & Housing Corporation)

  • Delegation from Florida, USA networkings Korea

  • Networking with National Assembly Research Service

  • Networking with ETRI(Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)

  • Korean Delegation networkings Orlando, Florida

  • Networking with China Europe International Business School

  • Networking with Florida Sensor-Semiconductor Research Lab


  • Establish Hanyang University Global R&D Center